Anu Productions are proud to present two events at Dublin Port’s Heritage Zone as part of Culture Night 2021.

Canaries – Screening

Watch a projection of Anu Productions play Canaries on the Pumphouse at the Heritage Zone.

Canaries is a tender observation of the sacrifice and efforts of the Irish female munitions workers during World War 1, a story much less told. As well as the National Factory at Parkgate Street and Dublin Port, there were state-run munitions factories in Galway, Waterford and Cork employing 4,000 women. A further 5,000 people were employed by a factory in Arklow that manufactured 100 tons of cordite a week. CANARIES hopes to honour the Irish women who risked life and limb to supply ammunition to the frontline. Facing daily peril by handling explosive chemicals that carried the risk of them contracting potentially fatal diseases, amputation and even death. But for most, the effects of their work were immediately visible; a lurid shade of yellow that stained their skin and hair, earning them the nickname – CANARIES

A celebration of friendship and solidarity, CANARIES remembers these women and plays homage to their experiences.


The Book of Names Installation

Experience a behind-the-scenes look at the installation process of Anu and Landmark Productions new play, The Book of Names in Pumphouse No. 1 at the Heritage Zone. 

The Book of Names plots a singular path through one of the most secretive, contentious and turbulent times in Irish history.  Drawing on two 100-year old books – a unique historical ledger which documents in careful detail the names, ages and role of every employee in Dublin Port, and an intelligence dossier containing names and photographs of potential targets – The Book of Names tells a tale of espionage, high stakes and a deadly game of historical doublethink.


Anu Productions Schedule:


7.00PM – Screening of Canaries 

7.30PM – The Book of Names Installation

8.00PM – Screening of Canaries

8.30PM – The Book of Names Installation


Numbers for all four events are limited due to Covid restrictions so booking by email is essential.



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