The Name Book is a unique historical ledger which documents records for Dublin Port workers from 1906 to 1925 and lists every manual worker employed by the Dublin Port and Docks Board. It provides information relating to their occupation, date of entry, age at entry and detailed accounts for any events related to changes in salary, new roles and accidents at work.

This Name Book is not a full list of all Dockers who worked in Dublin Port during this period as they were not employed directly by the Board but worked for the stevedoring companies operating within Dublin Port.

The full scanned version of the Name Book can be viewed below. Click to expand and zoom to view the entries in more detail. A PDF download of the Name Book can be also accessed, please remember to follow our Copyright rules. As these entries were handwritten, some are illegible so any corrections / suggestions are welcomed and can be submitted on our CONTACT tab above where they will be reviewed and the database corrected if necessary.

To view the Name Book searchable database click HERE

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